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They failed. I'm not sure whether I screwed up or dA did, but they failed.

So I'm going to write them out in STORY TIME FORM!!! wheee

(In Sonic's room)

Tails : Hey Sonic, are you going Trick or Treating tonight?

Sonic : Eh, I don't know... I'm pretty old now...

(Cream runs in) 

Cream : Mr Sonic! Mr Tails!

Are you guys going Trick or Treating tonight?

Tails : I am, but..

Sonic : I'm not really sure...

Cream : Pleaseee! I need someone to take me!

Tails : I'll take you Cream!

Cream : Wow, really?! 

Tails : Yup! Meet me here tonight at 6pm sharp!

(6pm, Outside Sonic's house)

Cream : Mr Tails!

Tails : Cream! C'mon, let's get our costumes on!

(Their costumes are Metal Sonic (Tails) and Mecha Knuckles (Cream) )

Both : Let's go!

(Shadow's house)

Both : Trick or Treat!

Shadow : Metal Sonic, Mecha Knuckles! I thought I banished you to the Prison Zone!

Cream : M-Mr Shadow, it's just me and Tails...

Shadow : Oh, um, I-I knew that! Anyway, I didn't think anyone would dare come here... but I think I have some candy in the back!

(Shadow comes back with four pieces of candy)

Shadow : Two each.  Happy Trick or Treating!

Both : Thanks, Shadow!

Dr. Eggman : Metal Sonic?! Mecha Knuckles?! What a... pleasant... surprise!

Tails : Uh oh.

(Eggman is in his eggmobile, and pulls them with a magnetizer) 

(In the EggCaves)

(Tails and Cream are locked up by electric shields)

Eggman : So, how have you two been? ... You weren't very talkative, were you..

Anyway, look what I recently swiped! (pan over to the Master Emerald)

Tails : (whisper) That's the master emerald!

Eggman : I plan to put the chaos energy into you two, making...MECHA SONIC!

Cream : (whisper) Oh no!

(Around 5 shields surround them)

Eggman : It's working! Hoohoo!

(The process is complete, when...)

Super Sonic : Not...

Super Shadow : Another...

Super Knuckles : Move!

Eggman : It's too late! I introduce you too... Mecha Sonic!

(Super Sonic kicks Eggman in the face) : That's Tails and Cream, you creep!

Eggman : What?!

Super Shadow : Tails!

Super Knuckles : Master Emerald!

Super Amy (Sssssurprise!) : Cream! 

Super Sonic : We'll deal with Nosehair later, now let's bust that badnik...

Super Amy : And get Tails and Cream!

Super Sonic : (Starts punching and kicking the Master, Super and normal green emeralds) 

Super Knuckles - Hey! Be careful with those!

Super Sonic : If we break them, it'll cut off the power source!

(The emeralds are broken and sent back to Angel Island)

Super Sonic : Now to get Tails and Amy back!

(All four of them slam into the robot)

Tails and Cream : Woaaaah!

All (excluding eggman) : Aaaagh! ( Super Forms are powered down )

Sonic : Alright guys, let's scramble some Eggman, Sonic Style!

(After an epic butt-kicking scene...)

Tails : Heh, I guess we need new costumes...

Sonic : You were pretty brave back there, Tails!

Amy : You as well, Cream!

Cream : Wow, thanks!

Knuckles : Yeah, nice butt kicking skills!

Shadow : You were pretty good, I guess...

Annnd le fin.


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I like MLP:FiM since around...January 2011, I recently started liking Sonic the Hedgehog, and that's pretty much it. I used to use Paint (MS) but I've started using and Paint Tool Sai.

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